Our Service

Our service

We are fully aligned with our clients’ interests, being able to adapt to their objectives and preferences with the highest flexibility. CONSiLIO considers that only the INDEPENDENCE gives full alignment with families. Consequently, in accordance con European regulatory regime MIFIiD II, Consilio Asesores Patrimoniales Independientes EAF SLU has opt to be defined as an INDEPENDENT financial advisor firm. We share with them a vision of how our professional activity should be developed:

  • Open-architecture regarding both investments and entities with which our clients custody their wealth and execute their investment decisions.
  • Focus on capital preservation and a careful consideration of potential risks.
  • The value of applying a contrarian view: the majority’s opinion is not necessarily right.
  • The importance of establishing a comprehensive asset allocation.
  • A thorough approach to investment decisions: risk-return profile, term, liquidity, tax implications, succession planning, etc.

We give prominence to information and education. Thus, we allocate considerable resources so that, at any time, our clients have a complete and consolidated view of their wealth, regardless of the entities that custody their assets. This provides us and our clients with relevant and timely information to monitor all positions from all perspectives. Information can be broken down by asset class, custodian, individual asset and any other concept the client may find useful. Given how crucial it is for our clients to have a comprehensive view of their wealth when making investment decisions, we are able to incorporate any type of assets in our reports: private equity, private debt, real estate, art, etc.

With regards to education, we offer our clients, depending on their needs and characteristics (family groups or institutions), training related to the asset classes they invest in and their complexity. Although we will always stand by them with our advice and recommendations, we strive to provide our clients with the information and understanding necessary to make their own informed decisions.