Our Methodology

Our methodology

Our very first mission is meeting each of our clients’ goals. This requires clearly stating those objectives and a time horizon to achieve them. Only then, leveraging on our experience and together with the client, can we design an adequate plan of action for each particular situation. The result is a unique strategy, tailor-made to each client.

Apart from the faithful execution of the instructions given by the client, and the supervision of their correct implementation, it is essential to consider the various fees and expenses that the custodian entities charge to investment portfolios (both explicit and implicit, that is, not disclosed to the client): the greater the cost, the lower the return for the investor. Our experience shows that a thorough monitoring allows for substantial cost-savings without any reduction in the quality of the service received.

We work closely and in coordination with the client’s legal advisors to establish and determine the tax implications of the investment strategies and to simplify the process of complying with such obligations (document submission, tax payments, etc.). If the client so decides, we can also collaborate in succession planning and in the analysis of the most appropriate investment vehicles to channel different investments.

Our approach would not be complete without a constant supervision of investments that goes beyond the common practices of financial entities. As opposed to they, where the control focuses on the portfolio not falling out of a predetermined risk profile (in order to comply with regulations), our process always bears in mind client’s guidelines, understanding how different scenarios may affect investments and which measures should be taken in prevention, regardless of the portfolio falling into a given profile.